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The Aleck 006™

  • Press and hold the Play button for 4 seconds.

  • Press and hold the Play button for 8 seconds.

    Your Aleck 006 will power-off automatically after 25 minutes of no use.

  • Press and hold the Play and Comms buttons together for 2 seconds.

    Once your Aleck 006™ is in pairing mode, go into your phone's Bluetooth® settings and connect to the Aleck 006™ like you would any other Bluetooth® device.

  • All call features are handled by the Play button.

    - Tap once to play/pause your music
    - Double tap to skip track forward
    - Triple tap to skip track backward

  • All call features are handled by the Play button.

    - Tap once to answer a phone call
    - Tap once to end a phone call
    - Press and hold to decline a call
    - Double tap to mute a call when on a call
    - To start a call, press and hold the Play button for 1 second to engage your voice assistant.

  • Press and hold the Play button for one second. You will hear a beep, followed by the Siri® or Google Assistant® audio prompt signifying when you can start your voice command.

  • Press and hold the Comms buttons to cycle through volume. It will cycle through in 25% increments for every second the button is held. Just like this:

    - 25% > 50% > 75% > Maximum Volume > 75% > 50% > 25%

    Simply release the button when you arrive at your desired volume level.

  • Tap the Comms button once. You will hear an audio prompt when you are connected. When you have finished talking, simply tap the Comms button again to disengage comms with your group.

The Aleck GO!™ App

  • Group chat Basics

    How do I set up a group chat?

    Tap the green plus icon (located next to the microphone icon), enter the name for your group, then tap the tick to create your group. You will automatically appear in this new group.

    How do I add members to my group?

    Tap the green plus icon where you will be presented with a list of ways to invite people by: email address, existing Aleck user by their Aleck handle, select users from your Aleck contact list; or you can invite someone by QR Code. Note that if you invite someone via QR code, they will need to download and open the app, select ‘Scan a QR code to join a group’ option and then scan the QR code.

    How do I remove a member from the group?

    Tap the face of the person you wish to remove and then tap the red dustbin icon next to the microphone button.

    How do I chat to the entire group?

    Simply hold the comms button to talk and release once you have finished talking.

    How do I chat to just one group member?

    Tap their face (where a green outline will encircle the one member) and then select and hold down the comms button to speak to just that one group member, and release once you've finished talking.

  • How do I connect the Aleck 006 to the app and disconnect?

    Please see ‘THE ALECK 006” FAQ section above.

  • How do I change my account details?

    Tap on your profile icon at the top right of the app home page (where you will also see the settings ‘cog’ icon). Here you will be able to change your email address, password, app handle and profile picture. You can also log out of your account, mute the audio and adjust the comms preferences. Once you’ve made your amendments, don’t forget to tap ‘Done’ to save your new settings.

  • How do I access the equaliser to customise the audio?

    Once you have successfully connected an Aleck 006 device to your app, the equaliser setting options will appear at the bottom left of the home screen.

  • What is 'concealed' mode?

    Concealed mode enables you to maintain communication with other group users when you’re not holding your device. Using sleep or background functions on your device will prevent the app from sending or receiving comms. Concealed mode also helps to conserve battery life.

  • How do I activate/deactivate concealed mode?

    To activate ‘concealed’ mode, slide the bar at the top of the app’s homepage, from ‘visible’ to ‘concealed’. To deactivate, simply slide the back back to visible.

Stay in the loop with your group.

The Aleck 006™ combines group communication and stunning audio for your lid.