Amplify Your Ride.

At Aleck, a deep passion for adventure inspires our mission of creating a flow state for all riders through the power of music and connectivity. We make your best days even more awesome.

Bike Helmet Audio

Snow Helmet Audio

It’s now become a regular part of my kit...
It's definitely going to be my most used communications solution
The Punks let you listen to music while riding without blocking out the sounds of the environment...

More Flow on Snow

Aleck Nunchucks are wireless helmet speakers that bring premium sound for days and hands free connectivity to any ski or snowboard helmet.

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Protect Your Tomorrow

The Tocsen crash sensor detects and automatically responds to serious helmet impacts, triggering an alarm and alerting your emergency contacts & Heroes Nearby

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Set Your Perfect Tempo

Aleck Punks deliver open ear audio for your helmet. Powerful sounding, lightweight and slim, the Punks provide 12 hours of connectivity for your longest rides.

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Good Vibrations

We love getting your feedback about how Aleck has improved your experience on the slopes, trails, roads and beyond.