Aleck Punks

True wireless open ear audio & comms for any open face helmet

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What sets it apart?

Open Ear, Crystal Clear

Dive into your ride with music that power every pedal. Hear your friends' excitement without missing a beat and keep a clear sense of the world around you.

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22x14 Elliptical Dynamic Driver

Secondary Noise Cancelling Mic

Bass Vent

Primary Shielded Mic

Glove Friendly Controls

What are Punks?

...allows cyclists to pump out their music and talk to each other while keeping ears uncovered to maintain situational awareness...
The Punks let you listen to music while riding without blocking out the sounds of the environment...
Top 10 things I saw among the 900 brands on display at the Sea Otter Classic
The very best new tech.
Open Ear, Crystal Clear

See what people are saying...

"That's F***** BADASS!"

Open Ear Audio

Traverse the road or trail and rock your playlist while maintaining spatial awareness with incredible near-ear audio.

Unlimited Range Group Comms

Chat with your crew using open channel Party or standard Push-To-Talk modes.

Dual Mics W/ 3 Layers of Wind Noise Reductions

If you are going to chat, it should be clear as the sound of a coasting hub.

Mounts To Any Open Face Helmet

Tested across the most popular helmet brands and models worldwide.

Slim And Featherweight

Coming in at a miniscule 1cm thick and only 16 grams each, you will forget the Punks are there.

What's in the Box?

Tech Specs


Waterproof 22x14 elliptical dynamic driver (each side)


True Wireless Bluetooth 5.2 


5.7 x 2.7 x 1.0 cm (each side)


16 grams (each side)


12 hours play/talk time, USB-C fully recharges in 1 hour