The Aleck Story

Every Startup Journey Is Unique

Aleck was formed for intrepid outdoor adventurers who like to stay connected. We're an innovative, award winning audio and communications technology company with an aim to make adventure sport more social, safe and immersive by connecting us to the ones we love, whilst we're doing what we love.

Unlike traditional technology within this space, Aleck's digital expertise helps deliver direct connectivity by combining extraordinary convenience with premium build quality, unrivalled audio capabilities and the very best of modern technology to enhance the overall user experience. Aleck’s technology connects us to the ones we love during those moments where lifelong memories are created.

Aleck® was named after Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone. 150 years later and building on Scotland's history of innovations that changed the world, Aleck’s first product - The Aleck® 006™ - brings wireless audio and comms to your snow helmet, using high-fidelity, Bluetooth® 5 enabled audio and military-grade encryption -keeping you connected, wherever you are on the mountain. With the ability to locate and communicate with friends and family, the Aleck® 006™ dials up the entertainment factor of mountain adventures with improved safety and peace of mind.

A Brief History Of Aleck

... in 1 Minute! As any business will tell you, taking your idea and turning it into a reality is somewhat of a roller coaster. From our challenges of trying to find the right partners to having our first product, the Aleck 006 headset, stocked in REI stores across the whole of North America and we’re just getting started! Let us take you on a journey ...

The Aleck Timeline


Where it all began!

The inception of a group audio & comms system occured whilst Aleck founder Stephen Catterson was sat on a ski lift with friends. Born out of the frustration of not being able to easily listen to music and converse with your group when riding down the mountain - the lightbulb moment occurred!


LinkPro was founded

The first iteration of the solution to the problem. We designed a snow helmet - the LinkPro - with integrated audio and comms technology built into the ear pads.


First Kickstarter!

We launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to put our helmet into production.


We presented to the NFL!


Aleck was formed!

Realising our mistakes and the road blocks involved in creating a helmet with integrated tech, we decided to strip it back, taking the tech out of the helmet and creating a universally compatible bluetooth headphone system to fit any audio-ready snow helmet.


Up steps the Aleck 006!

Taking the technology already developed, we created the Aleck 006 - a universal audio-helmet compatible drop-in audio system providing intuitive one-touch comms and kickass high fidelity audio. The Aleck 006 allows you to stay in the loop with your group wherever you are!


Aleck Go! 

Partnering with industry-leading software developers, the Aleck Go! app was created! The app underpins our hardware system and provides a feature rich, intuitive platform for all your snow helmet audio and comms needs!


We partnered with Smith!

In a landmark partnership for Aleck, we joined forces with Smith - a world leader in snow helmet manufacturing. The partnership led to the development of the co-branded 'Smith x Aleck' audio and comms system - sold online and in stores across North America.


Stocked in REI!

REI is the biggest sports and outdoor recreational equipment retailer in North America - and the Aleck 006 is available in over 120 of their stores!


Featured in The Verge!

In our first year or the Aleck 006 being available on the market - the system featured in The Verge's 'Best Snowboarding Gadgets for 2020! Immediate recognition of the awesome functionality we provide.


We won an ISPO award!

The Aleck 006 was recognised at the 2021 ISPO Awards in the Snowsports Equipment category which celebrates the industry's most exciting new snowsports products - championing innovation, design and functionality. A huge accolade for our budding brand!