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    10 of the best audio ready ski and snowboard helmets | Aleck

    The year is 2022, and by now most people have heeded the “gospel” of wearing a great helmet. We know quality helmets, with the latest safety technology (like MIPS), produced by a trusted helmet brand are keeping people safe and stylish all over the mountain. Their value isn’t news, but what may be surprising is finding out that most adult helmets have spaces to install audio drop-ins, and installation is easy!

    Over 20 helmet brands offer models that are "audio-ready" allowing skiers and snowboarders to easily add an audio system. Here are our top 10 models from those brands, and why we love them.

    Team Aleck

    1. Smith Quantum

      Smith Quantum Aleck 006 Best Ski Helmet Headphones

      The Smith Quantum is the high-end helmet your head deserves. Protection comes from the innovative Koroyd material. Whilst completely vented, it provides excellent shock absorption under impact. This helmet also has MIPS, reducing rotational force experienced in a crash; great news for your neck.

      Smith has made sure that the Quantum is super comfortable to wear. They have done this by providing lots of adjustments so that you can dial in the perfect fit for your head. The inside has a liner that fights smells while keeping your head warm. But, you can adjust the airflow into the 22 vent holes on those warmer days to keep you cool.



      2. Sweet Protection Switcher Mips Helmet

      SWEET PROTECTION SWITCHER MIPS HELMET Aleck 006 Best Ski Helmet Headphones  

        A solid alternative to the Smith Quantum is the Sweet Protection Switcher MIPS Helmet.

        Sweet Protection has perfected the Switcher’s ventilation sweet spot, preventing your head from getting too hot or cold.

        Like the Smith Quantum, the Switcher has 22 adjustable vents and lightweight hybrid construction. It doesn’t use Koryod; instead, its in-mold and hard shell tech provide extra protection in vulnerable areas. It also has the all-important MIPS system that we are seeing more of in snow helmets.

        The Sweet Protection Switcher MIPS helmet comes audio ready. This makes it easy to slip in your Aleck 006 or sound system of choice.


        3. Pret Refuge X

          For an all-mountain helmet, you can’t go wrong with the Pret Refuge X.

          This helmet is a low-profile all-rounder that will perform well in all conditions. Its super lightweight construction makes it one of those helmets that you are happy to wear all day. Enhanced by indirect ventilation and its micro-adjustable fit.

          The Pret Refuge X is also a solid helmet, thanks to its overlapping Polycarbonate shells. The Refuge X is also a MIPS helmet, raising confidence in its protection credentials.

          Hitting the backcountry, the park, or cruising the blues? The Refuge X’s audio ready ear pads mean you can be rocking out all day in comfort.

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          4. Smith Code

          Smith Code Aleck 006 Best Ski Helmet Headphones

          We are a big fan of Smith helmets, and the Code is no exception. The Code does what every helmet should; be comfortable, and provide exceptional protection.

          By placing the Koroyd in vulnerable zones around the helmet, Smith ensured excellent protection when you get a bump to the head. The excellent MIPS system improves protection further, guarding you against rotational forces.

          The adjustable BOA 360 Fit System, coupled with the knit liner, allows you to get the perfect fit and feel, keeping your head comfortable all day.

          Six vent holes stop your head from overheating on the warmest slushy spring afternoon. These holes work perfectly with your goggles to make sure they don’t steam up too.

          The audio system compatible ear pads will ensure you are listening to some banging tunes until you hit the bars!

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          5. Giro Grid Mips

          Giro Grid MIPS Aleck 006 Best Ski Helmet Headphones

            The Giro Grid is the helmet of choice for those that want something super lightweight.

            Popular with ski tourers and splitboarders, who want to carry less weight for those big uphill slogs. That doesn’t mean it is the wrong choice for those who like to stay in a resort.

            Spherical Technology is the core of the Grid’s protection which works with the helmet’s MIPS. It deflects impact away from your head while eradicating contact between your head and hard plastic or slip planes.

            With its low profile design and easy adjustment, the Giro Grid MIPS is comfortable and stable.

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            6. Oakley Mod 5

            Oakley Mod 5 Aleck 006 Best Ski Helmet Headphones


              The Oakley MOD 5 helmet is one for the freeskiers. Blending lightweight and excellent protection level. It appeals to uncompromising technical skiers that don’t hold back.

              When you are skiing hard, it helps to be able to adjust the amount of ventilation through your helmet. The MOD 5 allows you to open and close its vents, to suit the conditions. When skiing technical terrain, you need to know that your helmet has a secure fit. The MOD5 achieves this with its CBOA 270 Fit System, which allows you to get an exact and comfortable fit.

              We love this helmet’s modular brim system. It incorporates two interchangeable brims to ensure your goggles integrate with the helmet. The brim also maximizes airflow through your goggles to prevent them from fogging up. This is important when you are spotting your landing from a backcountry cliff drop.

              The ear pads are removable so you can wash them, but they are also compatible with the Aleck 006. Letting you communicate effortlessly with your buddies and listen to your favorite playlist.


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              7. Marker Phoenix Map Carbon

              Marker PHOENIX MAP CARBON Aleck 006 Best Ski Helmet Headphones

                Marker says that the Phoenix MAP Carbon is for hard-chargers, and we agree.

                Marker’s strategically placed MAP protection pads give 22% more protection than helmets with regular EPS pads. The big selling point; it instantly pops back to its original form, letting it can take multiple impacts. To top it all off, the MAP pads make the Phoenix very comfortable.

                The carbon outer shell keeps the weight down while adding even more protection. This outer shell has cleverly placed vents to keep air flowing through the helmet, keeping you cool and your goggle clear. These vents open and close to control how much airflow you want.

                With just a turn of the dial, the RTS system allows you to quickly and easily customize your helmet’s fit. This means your helmet will be perfectly comfortable and secure when you are charging.

                To keep you in the zone, the audio ready ear pads allow you to listen to the music that psychs you up before you drop in

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                8. Atomic Savor GT Amid Visor HD

                  The Atomic Savor GT AMID Visor HD helmet has a long name, but it also has a long list of features. The result is a comfortable helmet with excellent protection, and fantastic visibility. The most prominent feature of this helmet is its visor. This has HD lens technology to give you optimum contrast in low light conditions.

                  Skiers also enjoy a wide field of vision and excellent protection from the elements. This type of helmet is popular with skiers that wear glasses, as they don’t have to worry about fitting them under goggles.

                  Impact protection comes from the Tri-Brid shell, Holo Core, and AMID (Atomic Multi-directional Impact Deflector) technology. This combination provides up to 40% higher impact protection than industry safety standards.

                  Listen to the Top Gun soundtrack through the 3D molded audio ready ear pads, to complete the fighter pilot feeling when blasting the slopes.

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                  9. Bern Watts 2.0


                  Bern Watts 2.0

                  Bern has been saving rider's bacon for years, especially those that ski the east where they are based. Their team is always willing to innovate for safety and style while being the few helmet brands that has a loyal following.

                  We like the Watts 2.0 mostly because not only does it have all the tech built in without the weight, but it also effortlessly transitions from snow to trail to pavement as you need. A snow & a bike helmet in one? Yes ... yes it is.

                  Bern was also one of the first brands to design their ear pads for audio drop-ins so ... respect.

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                  10. Salomon QST Charge Mips

                  As you can expect from Salomon, the QST Charge MIPS helmet is excellent.

                  Made for skiers that don't want restricting to the groomed slopes; who want to explore further.

                  Salomon has ensured that the QST Charge MIPS is super lightweight. You will have no issues with wearing it all day, whether you are touring or searching for lift-assisted powder runs.

                  Complete with both the EPS4D and integrated MIPS system. These provide superb protection against impacts in both vertical and horizontal plains.

                  This helmet has some really nice features that maximize comfort too. Salomon's TCS (Thermo control system) is one of the best in the business in regulating the helmet's temperature. We really like how the quick-drying material that lines the inside of the helmet keeps your head dry too.

                  When it comes to listening to music while you ski, the 3D sound system ear pads design gives you optimum sound transmission. These ear pads are compatible with most wired and wireless systems. They are also removable for easy cleaning.

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                  Final thoughts

                    As you can see, there are quite a few options for audio ready ski helmets. We even have a published database of every brand, and model here on the site. All of those listed above are excellent and worth considering.

                    Every audio-ready helmet is compatible with the Aleck 006 helmet speaker system, which gives unrivalled sound quality and connectivity with your group. Combining one of these helmets with an Aleck 006, will enhance your mountain time with incredible sound, comfort, and safety.


                    Team Aleck

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