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Aleck keeps you connected to friends & family with unlimited range Group Comms and a GPS enabled Friend Finder.

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Group Comms Over Any Distance

Aleck provides unlimited range, hands-free group communication via cell networks. Groups can select the open channel Party Mode or standard Push-To-Talk (PTT) which functions like a walkie-talkie.

Skiers and snowboarders can have a family group, a big friend group, an all-mountain squad and their park people at their fingertips with ease.

Works With Anything

Have a buddy with Airpods? Cool. Have a boyfriend with wired earbuds? Whatever. Aleck is universal, so it works with any audio device.

Quickly Add Friends

When that sloucher friend finally gets to the hill, adding them remotely can be done on the fly.

Real-Time Friend Finder

Losing touch on the mountain happens, especially on pow days or among riders with different ability levels. Locate members of your group in real-time, or see all of your friends that are nearby.

Optimized For Use With Aleck Products

Use the app with Aleck products for glove friendly control of key features, like muting your mic, jumping in or out of comms, calls, volume and music. A powerful Audio Lab gives Aleck users the ability to dial in their signature sound.

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