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Aleck is for the Creators - Aleck
Roli Behind The Camera


Name a better duo than Aleck and creators (I’ll wait) …. 

Well, in reality, Aleck products pair nicely with just about every skier and rider archetype - the parents and kids on a family ski trip, the beginners and their instructor, the steezy park rat, the weekend warrior, the group of friends who arguably spend more time surveying the bar tap list than the resort maps, or the one who has a music playlist for every kind of snow condition - but for the purposes of this piece, Aleck is for the creators. 

So let me paint a picture for you. 

Stationary Camera Setup

The world of content creation is dynamic and fast paced. Creators, videographers and photographers are being asked to come up with something new, cutting edge, and never-before-seen around every turn. The following scene plays out. 

  • A creator and their subject are on-mountain for a shoot in terrain that poses some visibility issues; jumps, drops, rolls, tree glades, you know the challenges.

  • The best shot setup requires the creator to be out of view from the subject. The typical arm signals used by action sports videographers and photographers become obsolete. 

  • The subject likes a proper pump-up song before dropping (who doesn’t?). Shouting communication is undesirable and could result in ill-timed descent. 

  • Yet, no one is stressed.

  • No one yells. 

  • The drop is timed perfectly. 

  • The shot is major. 

  • The Aleck 006 comes along for every shoot thereafter. 

There are so many scenarios in which the 006 and the supporting Aleck app help bring a creative vision to life on the mountain. Take a look at this video:

It plays out similarly to the scenario I described above, but I implore you to use your imagination. Why else are best ski and snowboard helmet headphones ideal for creators? For one they are wireless, so there won’t be any visible cords hanging out to distract from the end product.

A great shot

They work with most major helmet brands, like SMITH, GIRO, PRET, SWEAT PROTECTION, BERN, and ANON, to name a few. This bluetooth helmet audio system has incredible sound quality and works at any distance using cell service, so creators won’t have any difficulty hearing or coordinating. Our app, in conjunction with the Aleck 006, creates comms fluidity for creators who have a lot of equipment. 

Aleck is for photographers and videographers alike with a clear vision of how they’d like their product to turn out. Let’s say, Felix, (the photographer), wants Roli to slash a certain way as he approaches the camera. Felix can’t pull out his phone or fumble with difficult buttons while holding a camera to communicate with Roli. The solution? Party Mode comms. 

Party Mode - coordination made easy 

This is particularly new to the Aleck fleet of features. Available within the new app, Party Mode is an always-open group comms channel that allows users to chat freely without having to push any buttons. Everyone on your team can be in on the chat. We mean everyone, too. Even those without the Aleck 006 can use the app and take advantage of Party Mode comms. 

Roli doing a backflip

Push to Talk (PTT) comms is another method of collaboration on the mountain, but one that is best used in tandem with the 006. While anyone using an audio system can use PTT within the app, those with an Aleck 006 can use glove-friendly buttons to activate the channel. 

Whether you’re the creator at a high-level marketing shoot or making content for fun, having seamless communication cannot be understated. Get the shot in record time, cut out the frustration, and everyone leaves the content shoot feeling like a hero.

Black & White

Aleck  🤝 Creators  🤝 Content(ment)

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