Become a Hero - Amazing First Responder Apps

Become a Hero - Amazing First Responder Apps - Aleck

Everyone wanted to be a superhero as a kid. With a cape in tow, you were set to help those in need. 

Everyone grows up, too (sort of), but the desire to be the rescuer, the cape-donned hero, still remains. Now is your chance, and you can do it for free. 

This is a real and simple opportunity to be part of a first responder community in the outdoors. All we ask is that you pull out your phone, download the free Tocsen app, and go do your thing. Go for a hike! Go biking! Go for a picnic in the woods! Just get out! Easy, right? 

Let’s circle back to the “be a hero,” part. When you’re out doing your favorite activity, Tocsen app and smartphone in tow, you are now a part of a rescue community that we like to call “Heros Nearby. If someone equipped with a Tocsen Crash Sensor within 3 km (1.8 miles) of you takes a spill, you are among the first to know. An alert will sound and should you be willing, directions to the location of the incident are provided.  The term ‘first responder’ shouldn’t deter you from rushing to the scene! This is your chance to be a hero, but in a more subdued way (unless you’re a trained EMT or Wilderness First Responder, then by all means, do what you do). All you need to do is be a helping hand, a support system, and a sense of comfort. You don’t even need to have an Aleck product … just launch the app when you head outside and carry with you that superhero spirit.

There are some really amazing apps out there, like PulsePoint and Flare that are helping people everyday. But few if any are designed to help people in the outdoors, especially if they are incapacitated. That’s where the Tocsen app comes in, and it’s made for you, whether you want or need help, or if you’re the helper. 

I understand, it can be intimidating to brand yourself as a helper or a hero if you’re going into an emergency situation with little to no understanding or training. If that sounds like you, there are apps designed to bolster your emergency-preparedness knowledge (which, as outdoor adventures, you should have a basic framework of this know-how). Offline Survival Manual and First Aid: American Red Cross are just a couple to get you started, and they are also free. For those who fiend for the taste of adventure, I implore you to not only download the Tocsen app, but to enroll in a Wilderness First Responder course, too. Not only will you increase your chances of being a hero, but you increase your chances of saving yourself, too. 

As far as the competing products out there, yes, there are some low-grade sensors that are unreliable and overly sensitive for the sendiest of people. The Tocsen Crash Sensor is far more effective due to the placement - on your helmet - and the 200 g sensor placed in the device. Safety, in our eyes, should be an abundant resource, so that’s also why you and others can use the Tocsen app for Free, whether or not you have a Tocsen Crash Sensor. Just like the hero in you … cape or no cape, you can still add value to your adventure community.

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