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The Aleck 006 - The best headphones for ski helmets

The Aleck 006 - The best headphones for ski helmets - Aleck

How do the best headphones for ski helmets work?

Communicate with your group

One of the Aleck 006’s many impressive features is the fact that you can have walkie-talkie style communications over any distance. To get this level of communication, the Aleck 006 uses 3G, 4G, 5G, and WiFi to ensure that you are always connected to your mountain buddies. Using internet connectivity means that there are no limits to staying in touch with your friends and family. You could even be in contact with people on another continent if you really wanted to!

Privacy and security

One problem with traditional walkie-talkies is that other people can hear your conversations, and sometimes join in.

This can be confusing and frustrating, and besides, other people don’t need to know which chairlift you’re on or where you’re meeting for lunch. With the Aleck 006, you don’t need to worry about this, thanks to the AES-256 bit encryption. This encryption level is a military standard, meaning that nobody can eavesdrop, and only the people in your group can hear what is going on.

Wireless connectivity with the Aleck GO! App

The Aleck 006 headset pairs wirelessly to the Aleck GO! app on your phone via Bluetooth to unlock all the cool features you and your group need to stay in contact on the mountain. The app has been carefully developed to create effortless communication with your entire group. Aleck GO! is intuitive to use, beautifully designed and offers versions for both iOS and Android allowing you to make calls and activate your voice assistant at just the touch of a button directly from the headset.

Before you set off, all you need to do is create a group for all the people you are skiing with. This is made super easy, as to join the group, everyone just needs to scan a QR code on the host’s phone. However, you can also invite people via email or their username.

Once everyone has joined a group, they are instantly connected. This way, there is no confusion, and everyone is connected to a closed group.

By tapping the headset’s button, you can speak to the whole group together, even while wearing gloves. This means that you don’t have to keep getting your phone out of your pocket to talk to the group. But, the app also allows you to dive in and communicate with specific individuals of the group by tapping on their user icon - for those conversations not meant for all ears! 

From organizing which bar to meet up with your buddies at, to ensuring everyone is safe, being connected to your group while skiing is useful on every level.

Visible and concealed modes

At this point, you may be concerned about your phone’s battery life. But, within the Aleck GO! app, once you have created your group, simply swipe to switch the app into “concealed” mode

This will engage the low power mode on your phone, minimizing battery usage while keeping your phone active.

Coordinate with your group

Often, at the start of a day before going on the mountain, there is a flurry of text and Facebook messages to work out the day’s plan. Where are we meeting? Which slopes are we hitting? Where are we having lunch? All this can be very frustrating, as time is wasting and the powder is getting tracked out.

There is always somebody who has forgotten to check in with the group or isn’t sure where the meeting point is. But, with the Aleck Go! app everyone can pinpoint each person’s location. The real-time location mapping shows where everyone is at any time.

This way, you can make sure everyone is OK and not missing out on the fun. For example, the one who is running late in the morning can see where the group is so that they can intercept them later on. Also, the Aleck 006 can help to bring the group back together after someone takes a wrong turn.

The faster skiers can time an extra run perfectly and rejoin the party. You can also see who has decided to call it a day early and hit the bars!

Combining the real-time location and the ability to contact anyone in the group by just touching your helmet makes sure nobody is left out and everyone is safe.

The awesome sound quality

Sticking in some earbuds just doesn’t cut it when you are skiing and snowboarding. The noise from the wind compromises sound quality, especially when you are skiing fast. Also, earbuds can get uncomfortable after wearing a helmet for a while. The other issue is that you have to find a comfortable and unrestricted route for the wire from your pocket to your ears unless your earphones are wireless.

The best headphones for ski helmets have to have incredible sound quality. This is why we have ensured that the high-fidelity audio of the Aleck 006 is seriously impressive. This is achieved thanks to the two 40mm titanium drivers - providing unrivalled sound quality.

This means that you can listen to your favorite tunes with perfect clarity while you are shredding the pistes and powder. But, chatting with your group, making phone calls, and using Siri is an absolute pleasure thanks to the high-quality sound you get from the headset.

If you are listening to music, a single tap on the button will bring the sound level down and you will be instantly communicating with your group. Once you have finished chatting, tap the button again to bring back the noise.

For those of you that are picky about getting the perfect sound into your ears, you will love the Aleck 006. This is because the app has an in-built equalizer that allows you to customize the sound! 

By tweaking the equalizer, you can dial in the sound to your personal preference, from sharpening up the treble to jacking up the bass. But, if you don’t have the patience, you can select one of our handy presets.

The outstanding customizable sound quality you get from the Aleck 006 will impress and ensure that you have the best soundtrack for your ride.

Universal fit

You don’t need to worry about how compatible the Aleck 006 is with your ski helmet. You can enjoy the benefits of fantastic audio and connectivity with any ski or snowboard helmet with audio ready pouches. If you are in the market for a new audio ready helmet, check out Smith, as they have many options that are Aleck 006 audio system compatible.

If you want to know which helmets out there on the market are ‘audio ready’ you can read our blog - 10 Fantastic Audio Ready Ski And Snowboard Helmets for 2021’ here!

Get the best headphones for ski helmets

The Aleck 006 headset is more than just the best way of listening to your favorite tunes on the slopes. The Aleck GO! app makes the setup an excellent communications solution, allowing the group to stay safe and have as much fun in the mountains as possible. Aleck’s technology connects us to the ones we love during those moments where lifelong memories are created, enhancing your outdoor experience and making it more safe, social and immersive.

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