Top Bike Destinations for Spring 2024

Top Bike Destinations for Spring 2024 - Aleck

Spring is sprung and it's time to ditch the winter chill! Dust off your bike, lube that chain, and get ready to shred some epic rides. Whether you're a mountain trail slayer, a highway cruiser, a gravel grinder, or a BMX park pro, we've got the perfect spring cycling destinations to kick off your season and light up your Insta feed.

Ready to turn your cycling adventures up a notch? Let’s dive right into our favorite spots to shred.


Mountain Biking in Sedona, Arizona

Forget Disneyland, Sedona's the real thrill ride for mountain bikers! Picture shredding epic trails surrounded by red rock landscapes so unreal, they look like a filter – but trust us, they're all-natural. Sedona's not just about the ride, it's an adventure that'll leave you speechless (and with enough brag-worthy content for your socials). Get ready for some next-level singletrack and epic scenery!

Top Mountain Bike Trails in Sedona, Arizona:

  • The Hogs Trails include fan-favorites like Hiline, Hog Heaven, and Hogwash. These trails are famous for their killer views and thrilling descents that dive through rock gardens and swoop around tight corners. It's an adrenaline-pumping ride with scenery that’s just as heart-stopping.
  • Slim Shady Trail is perfect if you're after a trail that's a touch less gnarly but still offers a good mix of challenge and beauty. Slim Shady gives you a taste of everything Sedona has to offer: stunning vistas, a bit of technical riding, and smooth sections where you can let the bike fly.
  • Broken Arrow Trail will make you want to grab your camera because this trail is loaded with iconic Sedona views, including the famous Devil’s Dining Room Sinkhole and Submarine Rock. The ride itself has a bit of everything: some technical spots, fast sections, and mind-blowing scenery.


Gravel Biking in Kansas 

Kansas gravel grinding is a wide-open freedom on two wheels. Think epic views stretching for miles across the plains – landscapes so unreal they look like a screensaver. Sure, Kansas might be flat, but don't underestimate it. We've got challenging routes and a friendly gravel crew to shred with. Basically, Kansas gravel is an adventure waiting to happen.

Top Gravel Biking Trails in Kansas:

  • Flint Hills has to be the star of the Kansas gravel scene. This region is pretty special with its vast stretches of native tallgrass prairie and gently rolling hills. Riding here feels like a deep breath of fresh air—plus, it's the home of the legendary Unbound Gravel which attracts riders from all over the globe.
  • Lehigh Portland Trails are located in Iola, these trails offer a nice mix of crushed limestone that winds around lakes, through woodlands, and past restored natural habitats. It’s an ideal spot for a more laid-back ride or for those just dipping their toes into gravel biking.
  • Prairie Spirit Trail stretches from Ottawa to Iola. This trail offers a relatively smooth ride with its packed gravel surface. It’s great for racking up the miles with scenic views of the Kansas countryside, passing through small towns where you can stop for a snack or just to soak up some local charm.

    Road Biking in Colorado

    Road biking in Colorado? Oh, it’s a total dream for anyone who loves the feel of pavement under their tires while soaking in some seriously stunning views. Colorado's varied landscape, with its majestic mountains, lush forests, and arid deserts, offers a thrilling and diverse experience for cyclists of all stripes.

    Top Road Biking Routes in Colorado:

    • Trail Ridge Road is located in Rocky Mountain National Park. This is one of the highest roads in the U.S. that you can bike on. It’s a challenging climb but offers unbeatable panoramic views of the Rockies. Definitely a bucket-list ride for its breathtaking elevation and vistas.
    • Mount Evans Scenic Byway will really test your legs. This route will take you right up to the summit of Mount Evans, one of Colorado’s iconic 14ers. It’s the highest paved road in North America, so expect some epic bragging rights after conquering this ride.
    • Independence Pass connects Aspen to Leadville. This ride offers a mix of tough climbs and exhilarating descents. The scenery? Unreal. You’ll pass through aspen forests and beside mountain streams, all while tackling some serious altitude.

      E-Biking in New York

      NYC streets or chill country cruises? New York's got your back (and your wheels). E-biking in New York is your chance to conquer the state, sweat-free (kind of). Cruise the bustling city streets or hit those scenic upstate trails – e-bikes let you explore it all without getting wrecked. New York's got diverse landscapes and epic bike paths, making it the perfect place to ditch the subway and explore on two wheels.

      Top e-Biking Routes in New York:

      • Hudson River Greenway in New York City lets you cruise alongside the Hudson River with stunning views of the Manhattan skyline. It’s flat, well-paved, and there are plenty of spots to stop for a quick bite or a photo.
      • Bethpage Bikeway trail on Long Island offers a more suburban vibe with a mix of forested areas and parklands. It's pretty long, so the extra boost from an e-bike is perfect for covering more ground and enjoying the scenery without getting too tired.
      • Erie Canalway Trail stretches across upstate New York. This historic trail is a treat for those who love a good ride with a touch of history. The path takes you through small towns and rural landscapes, and being on an e-bike means you can explore much more of this lengthy trail in comfort.

        BMX in Austin, Texas

        Austin's BMX scene is next level. Think dirt jumps, street lines, and sick tracks – Austin's got it all for BMX riders who crave variety. Plus, the community's super welcoming, so you'll be landing tricks and making friends in no time.
        And it gets better: Austin throws tons of BMX events, so you can level up your skills and rep your style.  Basically, Austin is your one-stop shop for epic BMX adventures (and bragging rights on the 'gram, of course).

        Top Spots for BMX in Austin:

        • 9th Street BMX Park is an iconic spot and is practically a BMX institution in Austin. Nestled right in the heart of the city near downtown, 9th Street is a community-built dirt jumps park where local riders have been shaping and riding the trails for decades. It's the perfect place to meet fellow BMXers and push your dirt jumping skills.
        • House Park Skatepark is right at the edge of downtown known for its concrete bowls and smooth surfaces, making it ideal for those who want to practice their street and park riding skills. The vibe here is super welcoming, and you’ll often find both amateurs and pros sharing the space.
        • Del Valle BMX Park is located just outside Austin. This park offers a well-maintained track with plenty of jumps and berms for more race-oriented BMX riding. It's great for those looking to get into BMX racing or wanting to hone their competitive skills.

        Don't just scroll through epic landscapes, shred them with the soundtrack of your choice!  From chill Kansas cruises to gnarly Colorado climbs, these spots guarantee epic adventures that'll blow up your feed and fuel your soul. Pack your kit, squad up (or fly solo, no judgement!), and get ready to conquer some legendary trails.

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        Let's make this spring epic, shred some singletrack, and collect stories that'll last a lifetime. Happy shredding!

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