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Aleck 006 & App Walkthrough

Troubleshooting / FAQs

Updating 006 Firmware

We have posted help videos on our YouTube channel.

If you have a PC, the quickest way is detailed in THIS VIDEO. The files for download are listed in the description and can also be found here: FILES

If you don't have access to a PC, the first time OTA update is longer, but a step-by-step process can be VIEWED HERE.

Can't connect to Aleck device?

1. First open up your bluetooth settings on your phone, find the Aleck device in this list and then delete the bluetooth pairing / forget this device.

2. Now please turn the device on by holding the Play button until you hear "Power ON"

3. Next, hold down the Play and Comms button at the same time until the LED flashes purple, you should hear a few beeps, your device is now factory reset.

4. Restart the pairing process inside the Aleck app by going to the Waffle (9 dots) icon in the top right hand corner then under "My Device" tap "Aleck 006"

5. Follow through the pairing process and let us know if you get stuck and at which step.

Power on / off my device?


Press and hold the play button until you hear "Power On"


Press and hold the play button until you hear "Power Off"

Do I need a phone with an Internet connection?

Yes, in order to communicate, the Aleck 006 requires an active internet connection via your phone. This can either be over WiFi or cellular data and allows for communication over any distance!

What's the charge time for the Aleck 006?

The 250mAh Lithium-Polymer battery please charges in about 1 - 2 hours. The LED will show a solid green light when its fully charged.

How do I control music?

All music features are handled by the Play button.

Music Features

Tap once to play/pause your musicDouble tap to skip track forwardTriple tap to skip track backward

How do I control calls?

All call features are handled by the Play button.

Call Features

Tap once to answer/end an incoming callDouble tap to mute/unmutePress and hold for one second to activate Siri or Google Assistant to start a call by voice

What do the LED colours mean?

LED Features

Powering ON - Green LED flashes 3 times slowly whilst connecting

Powering OFF - Red LED blinks 3 times

Power ON (unpaired) - Green LED flashes slowly

Power ON (paired) - LED turns blue

Pairing - LED flashes blue and green alternately

Connection Successful - Solid blue LED, (turns off after 10 seconds)

Charging - Green flashing LED

Fully Charged - Solid green LED

Battery Low - LED blinks red every 5 seconds

Factory Reset - LED flashes purple


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