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Aleck 006 & App Walkthrough

Aleck 006 Support FAQ

Can't connect to Aleck device?

1. First open up your bluetooth settings on your phone, find the Aleck device in this list and then delete the bluetooth pairing / forget this device.

2. Now please turn the device on by holding the Play button until you hear "Power ON"

3. Next, hold down the Play and Comms button at the same time until the LED flashes purple, you should hear a few beeps, your device is now factory reset.

4. Restart the pairing process inside the Aleck app by going to the Waffle (9 dots) icon in the top right hand corner then under "My Device" tap "Aleck 006"

5. Follow through the pairing process and let us know if you get stuck and at which step.

Power on / off my device?


Press and hold the play button until you hear "Power On"


Press and hold the play button until you hear "Power Off"

Do I need a phone with an Internet connection?

Yes, in order to communicate, the Aleck 006 requires an active internet connection via your phone. This can either be over WiFi or cellular data and allows for communication over any distance!

What's the charge time for the Aleck 006?

The 250mAh Lithium-Polymer battery please charges in about 1 - 2 hours. The LED will show a solid green light when its fully charged.

How do I control music?

All music features are handled by the Play button.

Music Features

Tap once to play/pause your musicDouble tap to skip track forwardTriple tap to skip track backward

How do I control calls?

All call features are handled by the Play button.

Call Features

Tap once to answer/end an incoming callDouble tap to mute/unmutePress and hold for one second to activate Siri or Google Assistant to start a call by voice

What do the LED colours mean?

LED Features

Powering ON - Green LED flashes 3 times slowly whilst connecting

Powering OFF - Red LED blinks 3 times

Power ON (unpaired) - Green LED flashes slowly

Power ON (paired) - LED turns blue

Pairing - LED flashes blue and green alternately

Connection Successful - Solid blue LED, (turns off after 10 seconds)

Charging - Green flashing LED

Fully Charged - Solid green LED

Battery Low - LED blinks red every 5 seconds

Factory Reset - LED flashes purple


We offer veteran and pro discounts with valid ID. Please contact our support team below.

Tocsen Crash Sensor Support FAQ

First steps with your new Tocsen


Unbox the Tocsen sensor and charge it for 2 hours. Please find the micro USB charger enclosed.


Activate Bluetooth on your smartphone and enable permissions.

App Download

Download the Tocsen app via your Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS).

Register Account

  • Open the Tocsen app
  • Permit accesses & functions. In the installation process the app will ask you for the following permissions:
  • "Tocsen would like to send you notifications"
  • "Tocsen would like to use your Bluetooth"
  • "May Tocsen use your location?"

Please permit all three functions unconditionally to ensure the full operational readiness of your Tocsen as: The crash sensor is connected to your smartphone/the app via Bluetooth, which again set off the emergency call in case of emergency, ask you about your condition (send notifications) and most notably send you fast first response to your exact crash location thanks to your location data (location access).

No worries. We exclusively use your GPS data to ensure a reliable rescue in case of emergency.

  • Press start (later on; 'already registered')
  • Insert your name
  • Insert your email address
  • Type in your mobile phone number (pay attention to the country code
  • Wait for the SMS code (may take up to 10 minutes)

If you do not receive the code via SMS, please check your mobile phone number again, correct if necessary and try again.

Set up your profile

Here you can personalise your profile. So, upload a photo of yourself, your birthday and gender (optional, of course) and save your emergency contacts. It works like this:

Emergency contacts

  1. Please provide your emergency contacts with the same mobile phone number that your respective contact uses for their own registration as well.
  2. Your emergency contacts do not have to use Tocsen themselves. Every emergency contact simply downloads the free Tocsen app and registers with their own account. In the event of an accident, Tocsen can notify your emergency contact directly in the Tocsen app.

Emergency contacts without the Tocsen app - 'Emergency SMS'

Super practical for emergency contacts without the Tocsen app. In an emergency, they simply receive an 'Emergency SMS' with all the information they need to rescue you.

Connect the sensor to the app - 'Add' your crash sensor to the Tocsen App

  • Click on 'Add your first Tocsen'
  • Confirm setting up Tocsen with 'Yes'
  • Select helmet and color (helmet manufacturer optional)

Wake up and update

Your Tocsen is still in snooze mode. Now you can wake him up!

  • Shake briefly and vigorously until you hear a beep, then click on 'continue'
  • Update: may take a few minutes
  • Read through the 'Terms & Conditions' & agree


Instructions for assembly appear in your app. Please read through carefully before assembly, but this can be carried out later, then simply click on 'continue'.

The highly sensitive crash sensor must be firmly attached to your helmet. This is the only way it can reliably measure your accident data. We have packed the right mounting adhesive pad for you for secure attachment. You fix this to the underside of your sensor first. Then you can attach it to the helmet with the free adhesive surface. It works like this.


  • Try to find a place behind one ear in the lower backside part of your helmet
  • Clean the area with detergent and water (also remove all detergent residues again)
  • Press the adhesive surface of the sensor firmly onto the helmet for five seconds
  • Let it cure for 24 hours before using it for the first time

Before EVERY Ride

  • Open the app and wait until your Tocsen connects
  • Check: battery enough juice? Tocsen AND mobile phone must be sufficiently charged before use.

Get your Tocsen ready before every ride!

  1. Open the app and wait until the Tocsen connects.
  2. Check: Batteries enough juice? Tocsen AND mobile phone have to be charged sufficiently before use.
  3. Select 'Always' or 'Smart' in the crash detection settings of your Tocsen app.

How can I simulate a crash to test the Tocsen?

It's good that you play it safe! This way you can be even more relaxed on your next ride. You can test your Tocsen simply by activating the simulation mode.

And this is how it works:

  1. Open the Tocsen app.
  2. Go to the settings and click on "My Tocsen".
  3. Select the Tocsen you want to test.
  4. If necessary, scroll down a bit and click on the button "Simulation".
  5. Click on the button "Start Simulation".
  6. Now a timer starts: After 30 seconds the emergency call will be sent to your emergency contact(s) and the rescue community nearby.

Great! Now you know you can rely on Tocsen.

Am I able to use the sensor with several helmets?

In short: no. The reason: your safety. In order for the highly sensitive sensor to be able to reliably detect crashes, shocks and movement signals, it really has to be firmly attached to your helmet. The supplied mounting adhesive point ensures this. Thanks to it, Tocsen and your helmet are inseparable even in an emergency.

Does Tocsen also protect me, when I am abroad?

Sure! All you have to do is setting the roaming options in your mobile phone correctly. So: Allow data roaming for the Tocsen app and the connection with Tocsen is established - regardless in which country. Don't worry, the roaming fees will remain manageable even outside of Europe, because the amount of data transferred lies within the kilobyte range.

What happens when I do not have any mobile reception at all?

The amount of data needed for an alarm is very small. Even if you only have phone (GPRS/Edge) connectivity, a call for help usually can be sent. 3G or LTE is not necessary.

In several EU countries you have the advantage of national roaming, which means you can use all networks.

My privacy is important! How do you protect my data?

We only use your GPS data so that you can be found directly and reliably in an emergency. And, as a part of the Tocsen Rescue Community nearby - you may also be able to help others. Nevertheless: Your location data is also sensitive data and above all: yours. That's why we treat this information with the utmost confidentiality and use it specifically for the purpose of a quick rescue. We do not pass on personal data to third parties and only store it temporarily on our own servers. These are located in Germany in a traditional data centre and not with one of the large cloud providers - this allows us maximum control and security over your data.

Do I have to fall on my head for an emergency call to be made?

The detection of a heavy crash with direct impact on the helmet/head is based on an algorithm that we developed especially for the Tocsen crash sensor.

A large number of measurements were used for this purpose, both measurements from test rigs used for helmet standardisation and measurements that we developed specifically for the Tocsen. Using this data, we designed the algorithm to detect crashes on the helmet.

A helmet alone, i.e. without a head in the helmet, behaves differently due to the lack of mass from head and body. For this reason, the helmet-only test is not representative for the "sensitivity" of the crash algorithm.

We designed the algorithm to recognize a certain severity of the crash on the helmet/head, which is required to trigger an alert. We have based this on medical publications, EU standards for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) as well as our own tests.

As the Tocsen is designed to call for help when needed the most, our special focus is on detecting severe crashes which may have a corresponding effect such as unconsciousness.

Who will be alarmed by my Tocsen if I crash? Am I able to freely choose those people?

Of course, you decide who is alerted by Tocsen in case of emergency. Therefore, you store the so-called 'Emergency Contacts' in your Tocsen app, for example friends, family members, etc. and if you like, the entire Tocsen Rescue Community. In this case, all Tocsen users in your vicinity, the 'Tocsen Rescue Community' nearby will also be alerted - for even faster first response at the crash location.

Why is there a manual alarm as well? And what happens, when I set it off?

Maybe you need urgent help on your ride without having had a bad crash. (Injuries, cardiovascular problems or similar). Then you trigger the manual emergency call by clicking on 'Manual Alarm' in your app. From then on, the usual Tocsen rescue chain starts and your call for help reaches your emergency contacts and (if set) the Rescue Community nearby.

How am I able to test if the Tocsen app/the emergency call really works?

To do this, simply use the simulation mode in the Tocsen app. This is how it works.

  • Open the Tocsen app.
  • Go to the screen 'Rescue' and deactivate the function 'Rescue Community' (otherwise the Tocsen community in your area will be informed about a crash).
  • Then go to the settings and select 'Tocsens > Select your Tocsen > Scroll down if necessary > Simulation > Start simulation.
  • In the simulation mode, the sensitivity of the Tocsen crash sensor is highly increased and already a tap on the Tocsen with your finger is enough to trigger an alert.
  • Now the timer starts: After 30 seconds the emergency call is sent to your emergency contact(s).

Great! Now you know you can rely on your Tocsen.

Remember: After the test, re-activate the 'Rescue Community' again in the screen 'Rescue'.

How do emergency contacts and the rescue community nearby find me? Do they need an extra navigation app that guides them to the crash location?

As soon as the Tocsen registers your crash, the app sends the following information to your emergency contacts and the rescue community nearby:

  • Your current GPS coordinates including an accuracy estimation.
  • Name, gender and age (if you have provided them). This data helps your emergency contacts and the Tocsen Rescue Community to find and recognise you as quickly as possible.

No other app is necessary. Emergency contacts and the rescue community nearby are automatically redirected from the Tocsen app to Google Maps.

How does the sensor differentiate between a 'real crash' and 'Oops, fall off the shelf'? How does the sensor know that I really need help?

Your Tocsen sensor is highly sensitive and accurate: it does not only measure the impact force during a crash, but also the speed and movement pattern. This means that it clearly recognises from the type of movement whether you are riding with your helmet or whether the helmet falls out of your hand or off the shelf.

The movement pattern (e.g.: quick movement in the first, then strong impact followed by no movement anymore) clearly shows us whether an accident has really happened. If you do not move after a crash and do not react to the loud request of the app, we start the Tocsen rescue chain.

Am I able to deactivate the emergency call by myself? Keyword: False alarm.

Before triggering the emergency call, your sensor and app will beep loudly, giving you enough time to react. If the emergency call has already been sent, you can cancel it manually in the app. The Tocsen then sends the all-clear message to all alarmed persons.

What do I have to do as emergency contact?

First of all, a big thank you to every single emergency contact out there! Because in case of emergency, you have 'only' one thing to do: get help quickly or provide help yourself. Simply install the free Tocsen app and register as an emergency contact.

Important note: The app does not have to run in the background. The crash notification will still arrive in any case.

What do I do if I have connection problems with my Tocsen?

If you are having connection problems with your Tocsen, hopefully one of the following solutions will help you right away:

  • Add the Tocsen to the Bluetooth devices connected to your smartphone from the Tocsen app and not from the Bluetooth device settings of your smartphone.
  • Charge the Tocsen with the charging cable for at least 5 minutes while trying to establish a connection with the Tocsen app.
  • Check that both, Tocsen and your smartphone are sufficiently charged.
  • Switch Bluetooth off and on again.
  • Delete the added Tocsen from the app and add it again.
  • Log out of the Tocsen account and log in again.
  • Restart your smartphone.
  • Check whether there are possibly too many Bluetooth devices in the list of smartphone settings (if necessary, try to delete a few noted devices and try again).
  • Check if you have allowed the Tocsen app all necessary permissions & access (messaging, Bluetooth and location access).
  • Reinstall the app

None of the above mentioned solutions work out for you? Please contact us directly at

Can I also use the Tocsen on several helmets or switch it from one helmet to another?

You're absolutely right: it would be great if you could switch the sensor from one helmet to another. And we already have this feature on our radar. However, the most important thing for us is technical reliability and your safety! Both are (currently) best guaranteed with a Tocsen firmly fixed to only one helmet.

We understand very well that the topic "mobile sensor" is important to you. We are working on it! We don't have an exact date for the solution yet, as we are still working on a few other priorities.

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What do I have to do after changing my e-mail address?

After changing your email address, please create a new account or contact us directly at

What do I have to do after changing my mobile phone number?

After changing your mobile number, please register again and verify your new mobile number with your existing email address.

In which languages is the Tocsen app available?

You can currently use the Tocsen app in five different languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

Am I able to connect other devices via Bluetooth while the Tocsen is active?

Of course, you can also connect other Bluetooth devices (e.g. headphones etc.) to your smartphone while your Tocsen crash sensor is connected and the protection is 'active'. This does not affect the functionality of the Tocsen crash sensor and app.

What do the settings in 'crash detection' actually mean?

Smart: Crashes are detected when you are on the ride with your smartphone.

Always: The sensor detects every crash.

Off: No crashes are detected via the sensor.

How large is the sensor?

The sensor is 1cm high with a diameter of 3cm.

How often does the sensor have to be recharged?

We work with the latest Bluetooth 4.1 Low Energy connection and very energy-efficient electronics. Therefore, we expect one battery charge to last up to 3 months with average use.

My smartphone already has a crash detection app. Why do I need a Tocsen?

The Tocsen crash sensor is a precision sensor specifically designed for fast outdoor off-road sports. In the event of a crash, it not only measures the force of the impact, but also the exact movement pattern (e.g. rapid movement in the first, then strong impact, followed by no movement anymore) and can thus distinguish serious accidents from minor ones and avoid false alarms.

Can I also attach the Tocsen to my riding helmet with fabric cover?

In short: No. We cannot recommend you to attach the Tocsen to a helmet with a fabric cover, as this does not guarantee a secure hold.

The connection between the Tocsen crash sensor and the adhesive surface must be firm and robust.

And: You fix the small sensor directly to the helmet. In case of emergency, it detects the crash where it may cause the most damage and impairs your consciousness.

Can I also use the Tocsen on Moto helmets?

Of course a crash sensor makes perfect sense on a motorbike helmet. However, we have developed the Tocsen crash helmet sensor primarily for non-motorised outdoor sports and we have thoroughly adapted it to the corresponding accident scenarios and speeds. Since you put significantly more horsepower on the road with a motorbike, Tocsen is unfortunately not yet suitable for motorcycling or other motorized activities.

However, 'watch this space' in the not too distant future ;)

Which mobile phone operating systems are supported?

The Tocsen app runs on Android devices from version 7.1.1. and on iOS devices from version 9.0 (iPhone 4s).

How do I fix the sensor to the helmet?

Mounting instructions

The highly sensitive crash sensor must be mounted firmly on your helmet. Only then can it reliably measure your accident data. We have included a suitable adhesive mounting pad for secure fixation. First you stick it to the underside of your sensor. Then you can stick it to the helmet with the free adhesive surface. It works like this:


  • Find a spot, preferably behind one of your ears, in the lower part of the helmet.
  • Clean the spot with detergent and water (also remove all detergent residues).
  • Press the sensor with the adhesive surface firmly onto the helmet for five seconds.
  • Allow the sensor to cure for 24 hours before using it for the first time.

Are there any ongoing costs?

In short, no! Tocsen is a system consisting of a crash sensor and an app. To use Tocsen, you buy your Tocsen sensor for a one-time fixed price. The Tocsen app is free and ad-free. You can easily download it from your App or Playstore.

Tocsen Plus: Optionally, we offer additional features in the app, which are bookable as Tocsen Plus member, e.g. the option "Emergency SMS", with which emergency contacts without an app can also be easily alerted by SMS.